Andy Croft Driving School Testimonials.

2008 - 09

Feedback from learners like you below.

Rita Ocho Passed 19th August 2009

"Andy has a most fun yet constructive character which shows in his lessons and teaching within driving lessons. Andy adjusts the pace of lessons to suit your needs, quickly identifies areas to work on and his encouragement is superb, and you find yourself soon "flying"! Passing my test first time is something I personally had doubts about achieving, but with Andy's competence as a driving instructor and accommodating nature; I managed to achieve this goal which I had set myself. His lessons hold tools for life, you are taught how to drive and not just how to pass your test!

An excellent person and an excellent instructor. I would definitely recommend him to others!

Cheers Andy!"

Daniel Warrilow-Brennan Passed 2nd July 2009

"Andy is an excellent driving instructor, plain and simple. From the first lesson, he put me at ease and was very re-assuring- which contrasted somewhat with my previous instructor a few years ago! We quickly sorted out a plan to get me driving and ready for a test, and Andy didn't book any more lessons than he felt I needed- apparently he was spot on! My lessons always seemed to fly by, and were genuinely enjoyable.

Passing first time was something I totally put down to Andy's compentence in teaching me how to drive properly and not just for the test- and because of the confidence this had given me, I was much less nervous than I would have been.

I'd definitely recommend him to anyone, and he's a very nice chap too- cheers Andy!"

Andy Mcmanus (1 Minor!!!) Passed 25th June 2009

Kavita Parikh Passed 22nd June 2009

"I was so pleased when i passed 1st time and I owe it all to Andy, thank you so much! Andy is a fantastic driving instructor and i felt really comfortable when i was learning to drive. Andy didn't just teach me how to pass my test but how to drive in real life, we had a laugh and my lessons were very enjoyable. I will definitely be doing my pass plus with Andy and recommend him to absolutely everyone!"

Emma Delaney Passed 11th May 2009

"After moving to Birmingham and starting a new job that needed me to drive I started lessons with Andy. He quickly picked up on the areas that I was struggling with and proceeded in ironing them out in good time. I then went on to pass my practical test first time. I sincerely recommend Andy because he is easy to get along with, patient and will teach you how to feel confident behind the wheel."

Luke Fisher Passed 6th May 2009

"Learning to drive with Andy was a great experience. After failing several tests with someone else I thought I would never actually pass. Andy made driving simple and second nature. Not only did he teach me how to pass a driving test but also how to drive on a day to day basis. He allowed me to drive to places that I knew would be useful for me after passing. Andy teaches in a fun but professional way, using easy reminders for the difficult parts of driving and helping you to remember them in a way that suits you. I would and have recommended Andy to anyone as I don't think you will find a driving instructor more commited to helping you pass! Thanks Andy for all the help you gave me and for getting me on the motorway for my pass plus...I will always use the 'Andy Croft shuffle' when parallel parking!"

Sue Goult Passed 29th April 2009 (2 Minors !!!!)

"I have been driving for over twenty years and needed to take a taxi test, similar to a driving test, but a bit more stringent. With plenty of bad habits learnt over the last couple of decades I managed to fail the test twice. Then I contacted Andy for some professional advice. After just three lessons, I took the taxi test for a third time and passed. Thanks Andy, I would highly recommend your driving expertise."

Adam Davis, B49. Passed 24th April 2009

"I was quite nervous about learning to drive again after a six and a half year gap. Andy was fantastic, he made me feel relaxed and my nerves went after my first lesson. After a very honest evaluation on my first lesson Andy was spot on with the number of lessons I needed and how often I needed them.

Andy is a great driving instructor who is not only honest in his evaluations but his prices are very fair and he never tried to take advantage by making me have more lessons than I needed. I have nothing but thanks and praise for Andy and have been recommending him to everyone I know!

Thanks to Andy's instruction and very helpful information and study aides for both the theory and practical tests I passed first time which I don't feel I would have done if I had used a different driving instructor.

I strongly advise anyone looking for an instructor to contact Andy as you cannot find a better driving instructor! Good luck with learning to drive and once again Andy thank you for everything!"

Jennie Lumb Passed 17th April 2009

"After about a 3 year gap since my last driving lesson, I felt I had put it off long enough. So with the recommendation of a friend Andy was described to me as a friendly, professional and proficient instructor. My friend was spot on!

Unlike other instructors you may find, Andy won't just teach you how to pass your test but he will teach you how to drive. His lessons on observation and forward planning will stay with me forever, and will make me a safe driver both for myself and other road users.

If you are looking for great value, professional instruction, flexible lesson plans and most importantly someone who truly wants to see you pass then please look no further.

You better book quick as I have recommended Andy to everyone I know!"

Terry Read Passed 6th April 2009

"I would just like to thank Andy for all of his expertise and training he provided me. He only needed short notice and could get me lesson times to suit me. I only had 3 lessons and this was sufficient enough for myself to pass my test first time with only 2 minors.

Also thank you for teaching me not just how to pass my test but how to drive safely in every day road conditions.

Thanks again Andy and I will definitely be recommending you to every one I can"

James Haslam Passed 27 January 2009

"Learning to drive with Andy was a joy. I got the result I was asking for in less time than I predicted for myself. I needed to pass my test ASAP. I am a single mother and I needed to be mobile to take a little stress off my day to day duties including shopping, getting the kids to school and myself to work. I was spending a fortune on public transport it was really getting me down. I felt very comfortable with Andy, he is very approachable and understanding down to earth and he has lots and lots of patients. His technique is very good. I am considering taking my pass plus and when I do I will be going back with Andy without a doubt."

Thanks again Andy you're a Star!!

Lerissa Minto Passed 06 December 2008

"I put off learning to drive again for a number of years because I had never before felt confident in a car, despite taking lessons and two tests ten years before. I am not exactly a natural driver and needed an instructor who is patient but also willing to push me. To my delight, Andy fitted the bill perfectly as well as teaching to such a high standard, the practical test seemed easy! I needed to drive quickly in a short period of time due to a new job and was delighted to pass first attempt and after about eight weeks!

I have nothing but praise for the way I was taught. So much so I have already recommended a friend who is also delighted with how their lessons are going and the way they are being taught which includes attention to detail - no bad habits here - excellent forward planning assistance and full support throughout the process.

would recommend this (Andy) driving school to everybody, regardless of current driving ability (or not!!)"

Danni Ritchie Passed 27th November 2008

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