Pass Plus

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Pass plus is a training scheme for new drivers, which aims to improve your driving skills and confidence. The driving course consists of six more hours of tuition split into six modules:

  • MODULE 1: Introduction and town driving

  • This module concentrates on observation, judgement and awareness within urban areas.

  • MODULE 2: All-weather driving

  • Covering all aspects of driving in different weather conditions, including speed and stopping distances.

  • MODULE 3: Out of town and rural driving

  • This lesson looks at the main differences between town and country driving, including safe overtaking.

  • MODULE 4: Night driving

  • Concerned with all aspects of driving in the dark, such as the importance of headlights and judging speed and distance.

  • MODULE 5: Dual carriageways

  • As high-speed, multi-lane roads, dual carriageways require particular skills, with particular emphasis on effective observation.

  • MODULE 6: Motorways

  • Motorways cause a lot of fear in new drivers and this session will give you invaluable knowledge and experience.

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